You deserve better

Welcome to the 64th edition of Your Weekly Aura (formerly known as The Weekly Rundown), a newsletter featuring must-read money and mindfulness tips and tricks from Courtney & Kelsey. This week, we’re taking stock with this survey to better serve you. If you like the content in this newsletter, please share it with friends.

At Aura, we’re all about personalization and evolution.

Over a year ago, we started a newsletter to connect with you. Week after week, you opened, you read, and you clicked.

But now, you deserve better.

Your time is valuable. All the money in the world can’t help you when you run out of time.

In order to better serve you and make the most of your time, we need to know what you really want to read about.

Please invest ~2 mins today to answer our short survey, so we can pay dividends to you in the weeks to come with curated content that fits you.

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