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Defense is the Best Offense

Note: This is a response article to Boyfriend’s and Getting Through a Bear Market. I’d recommend reading this […]

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Scarcity Mindset: It’s All About the Brain

What is a scarcity mindset? Scarcity is the feeling that there’s never enough.  Back in the day, scarcity […]

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A Guide on Marie Kondo’ing Your Closet & Portfolio

I am an Absolute Mess Over the past year, my closet has become a mess. I have shoes […]

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Designing your most beautiful life…and how money can help

With my first novel hitting bookstores today, you could say I’m a messy jumble of emotions.    There’s […]

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Investing In Tomorrow

This week, Courtney talks about meeting the future King and Queen of England, climate activism in the Bahamas, […]

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Aura is a mindful money management platform. You can think of us as your wealth manager meets money coach on a mission to heal your relationship with money so you can stress less and live your version of a rich life. We help you manage and invest your money, align your investments with your values, and achieve your financial goals through our direct indexing strategy. We’re leading a financial wellness revolution to help individuals lead a life of abundance while growing passive wealth.
Our mindful money management process begins with a short conversation in which we get to know you and learn about your financial needs, goals, and values. We work with you to design a personalized, values-based portfolio that fits your financial situation.
With an Aura subscription, you get access to Aura's investment features, 1:1 coaching, the spending & investing optimizer, a community of like-minded investors, exclusive quizzes, articles, and expert-led workshops.
We’re on a mission to help you live a life of abundance while growing passive wealth. We use values based investing, passive wealth generation, and behavioral psychology to build healthy habits for life and unlock financial freedom on your terms.
We’re offering the best personalized, expert support and algorithmic investing. Since 2008, Robo-Advisors have leveraged technology to help individuals generate passive wealth. However, their one-size-fits-all, “set and forget” approach has done little for managing financial anxiety and in fact, can contribute to harmful avoidance behavior. At Aura, we believe financial management is deeply personal and should fit you. Today, over 77% of Americans are experiencing financial anxiety and more than 20% of people making over $250,000 are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial security is not just about how much you have in your bank account - it’s about building the confidence to take control of your finances and designing a plan that enables you to live your best life today and your best, rich life tomorrow. At Aura, we practice intentional investing and work with you to change your belief patterns and your behavior and build healthy, sustainable financial habits for life so you can increase your net worth and feel better about your finances. Read more about the Aura-gin story.
Most robo-advisors put you in a few ETFs through their “one-size fits all model.” Aura believes investing is not “one size fits all',' but should fit you. That is why we offer direct indexing - a feature typically only available to six-figure minimums. This means you're directly holding shares of the stocks in your portfolio. We believe the best investment plan is the one you can stick with, and the one you can stick with is the one you believe in. Therefore, through direct indexing, we allow you to align your investments with your values with our customizable ESG (environmental, social and governance) screens. Don’t want to invest in tobacco or oil, just filter it out. Direct indexing also allows us to remove hidden fees. While many robo advisors appear to have low fees, many hide high ETF expenses. With Aura, you have full fee transparency. And finally, direct indexing allows for much more efficient tax loss harvesting. All Aura portfolios have automatic tax-loss harvesting, which can help improve your portfolio's performance.
At Aura, we believe premium service shouldn't just be available to those that have significant dollars in their bank account. That's why we charge a flat subscription fee of $14.99/month or $144/year for access to the platform. Your first $10k invested without an AUM fee. Users pay 1% on balances over $10k (the first $10k will always remain free of AUM charges). Our customizable investment services are typically only available to accounts larger than $100,000. Aura offers this service for a transparent cost along with more tax efficiencies, no minimum balances and no hidden fees.