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Healthy Habits

“I’ve gained and lost over 100 pounds, at least 10x in my life,” my friend recently told me. “The only thing that finally helped me stay on track was when I learned why I wanted to build a better relationship with food.”

“I wanted to model a healthy relationship with food for my son so that he wouldn’t struggle like I did.”

Most of us want to be better – look better, feel better, invest better.

We shell out billions to personal trainers, nutritionists, and even wealth managers for the how. But we rarely take the time to ask ourselves why?

If we’re constantly looking outside of ourselves for motivation, we’re never going to feel better because there will always be something else better out there to strive for.

After 20 years of struggling with his weight and trying to meet society’s expectations of what he should look like, my friend finally discovered his Ultimate Why – he wanted to be a better dad for his son.

So, next time you shame and blame yourself for not being “better,” pause and ask yourself why – why do you want to eat healthier, stick to a budget, or go to the gym?

Instead of trying to change yourself to please others, first ask yourself:

“how will changing this habit bring me joy?”

“how will doing this activity improve my well being?”

Can you find a way to look at meditation, calorie logging, or spend-tracking as an opportunity to get curious and discover your Ultimate Why?

Don’t be shy, hit reply and share what’s lighting you up this week.

Bonus points if you tell us why 😉.

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Mindfulness Challenge of the Week

Healthy habits.

Take a moment to reflect on your current daily routine. What healthy habits are you already incorporating into your day? Write them down.

Choose one unhealthy habit you want to break, such as eating fast food or skipping breakfast.

Throughout the day, be mindful of your behavior and the choices you make.

When you feel the urge to engage in the unhealthy habit, take a deep breath and pause.

Ask yourself if this choice aligns with your long-term health goals.

Congratulate yourself – you’ve taken yourself off auto-pilot and made space to get curious. Celebrate the wins!


↗️ Alibaba Shares. Shares of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba jumped 9% after the company announced that it will split into 6 unites and explore IPOs.

↗️ Push for Raising Minimum Wage (Again). Just a few years after labor activists won a $15 minimum wage, inflation is eating away at their gains. Pro-labor groups in NY, CA, and MA are pushing proposals to boost minimum wage to $20 or more.

↘️ Magical Metaverse. Disney cut its entire metaverse division laying off all 50 members except the division head Mark White, who will remain at the company.

↘️ Nasdaq. The Nasdaq fell as rising rates continue to put pressure on the tech-heavy index.


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