Trigger Warning

We’ve all been there. Someone you love says that thing to you in that way that just really grinds your gears. 

You. snap. back.

And even as the words fall out, you know that you’ve already lost. 

You can’t make good decisions from a place of fear. 

When you’re triggered, your primal, lizard brain takes over and tells you to fight back. That will teach them not to mess with you, again. 

But the truth is that you’re not teaching them anything, you’re just reinforcing the trigger as a threat in your brain. 

When we ask others to change their approach, we’re abandoning ourselves and our power to self-regulate. 

No, this does not mean it’s okay to go out and spew hate speech and it’s not a blank check to be an a**hole. 

It’s an invitation to sit in the discomfort, notice it, and pause. You can rewire your brain for growth.

So, next time you’re ready to snap, invite yourself to step back instead.

For Your Aura

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The Thinker: If you had invested in Microsoft 10 years ago, how much would your investment be worth? Find out here.

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Not Your Boyfriend’s Financial Advice (Kelsey’s Financial Fitness Tips)

In case you missed it, the Federal Reserve is holding onto its interest rate in the 5.25% to 5.5% range – the highest it’s been in 22 years! And, they’re not ruling out a little more action before the year wraps up. 🚀

Here’s how to work it to your advantage:

Crush Credit Card Debt: Those plastic pals are a bit clingy with their high interest rates. Pay them off pronto! They might not lower, but at least they won’t get clingier. 💳

Embrace the High Rate Life: The Fed’s keeping the party going, and lower rates might be a no-show for a while. Big buys like homes and cars? Think twice. Saving for a chunky down payment might be your money-smart move. 🏠🚗

Amp Up Savings: While borrowing is pricey, some high-yield savings accounts are like cash magnets, offering over 5% interest. If your budget dances to the beat, boost those savings. 💰 PS: Looking for a HYSA to stash your cash, Aura’s got you covered. 💁‍♀️💰

Behavioral Science Hack: Hacking Goals

Want to supercharge your goal hacking? Last week we talked about the importance of setting specific and difficult goals. If you write your goals down AND share them with someone (anyone!), you will be much (65%) more likely to achieve those goals. So, get to writing and sharing, folks!


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