Sh*t Happens.


Welcome to the 60th edition of Your Weekly Aura, a newsletter featuring must-read money and mindfulness tips and tricks from Courtney & Kelsey. This week we’re talking about what it means to be a whole person deserving of holistic financial care.

Sh*t Happens.

Happy Post-Tax Day and Financial Literacy Month.

I had a brilliant original piece for all of you that delved into the history of the Federal Tax Code and what it means to be financially mindful taxpayer.

It was one of my better emails, and then my newsletter editor BeeHiiv crashed.

As a consumer, I was outraged. As a start-up founder, I’m deeply empathetic. As a writer, I’m inspired. And as a small business owner, I’m completely exhausted.

And because I am not just one single person, I can hold these competing, conflicting feelings simultaneously. They can all be equally true at the same time. And while each of these pieces makes me relatable to others, it is the sum of my parts that makes me uniquely me.

None of us are just one thing and we shouldn’t invest like we are.

As a Thinker, I am focused on investing strategically to generate solid returns that will enable me to grow wealth and live comfortably in retirement. As an Activist, I want to ensure my investments are supporting the companies and causes I care about. As a child of divorce, I believe money is a paradox that simultaneously represents both power and weakness, security and conflict. And as a Millennial, I am committed to following a long-term strategy, because I know I cannot rely on our crumbling social safety net.

We are the product of our experiences, our communities, and our inherited beliefs. A truly holistic wealth management approach should serve us as the whole person we already are, and grow with us as we continue to evolve into the whole people we are meant to be.

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The Star: What should movie tickets cost?

The Thinker: Survey says Millennials are as likely to consult a fortune teller as a financial advisor & more familiar with Elon Musk’s net worth than their own family.

The Empath: How do single people navigate the “Single’s Tax”?

The Activist: Over 60% of people have taxes so simple, the IRS could do them automatically.


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Ask The Experts

How can I use investing to help me pay down my student loans?

As someone who graduated with more than 14 student loans totaling over $150k in debt, I understand the stress and anxiety that can come with paying off such a significant amount of debt.

When it comes to managing your student loans, it’s important to prioritize your debt based on interest rates. High-interest debt, such as credit card debt or loans with high-interest rates, should be prioritized to avoid accumulating more debt. Low-interest debt, such as student loans, comes next. It can also be managed while building up your savings. For me, I continued to pay off my student loans while investing which in essence helped me offset my student loan interest rate.

While this strategy might not work for everyone, I was comfortable taking on significant risk in my portfolio while I had a stable, high-earning job working for Goldman Sachs. I was also able to leverage the expertise of some of the world’s best investors. If you are not comfortable with that level of risk, that’s okay.

Overall, managing your student loans and finances can be overwhelming, but it’s important to prioritize your high interest debt first and consider all of your options. Remember to seek professional advice if you’re unsure about your financial strategy.

Kelsey Willock, Aura Co-Founder & CEO


↗️ Disney’s fight back against DeSantis. After Gov. DeSantis announced he wanted to develop the land around Disney, potentially by building a prison, the entertainment giant announced that “affordable and attainable” housing near the park would open in 2026.

↗️ SpaceX sprints. The space exploration company is over the moon about their successful launch yesterday. Minutes after takeoff the rocket “mechanically disassembled” aka exploded, but the team is still thrilled with the success of the mission’s initial launch.

↘️ Blue Check Marks. Twitter finally institutes verification changes and takes check marks from Bill Gates, Oprah, Pope Francis, and more.

↘️ S&P 500. The Markets are on track to close this week at a loss after earnings disappoint.


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