Move it along, friends.

Stop outsourcing your feelings.

When we want answers or information, we turn to social media.

But social media is designed to inflame emotions. We may come for guidance, but often we leave with deep seated anger, resentment, and more recently – a lot more fear.

And fear changes our brain. It makes us unable to process things logically. Physical survival becomes paramount and emotional and spiritual wellbeing takes a back seat. We are fractured.

But mental health, is emotional health, is physical health, is financial health. We are the sum of our parts. And those parts are intertwined and deeply complicated.

So why do we rely on influencers to tell us how to de-stress, invest, or educate us on 5,000+ years of deeply complicated, nuanced geopolitical history?

We need information that bring our parts together, so we can stop tearing ourselves apart. So let’s get to it!

Kelsey’s Financial Wellness Workout: Making Your First Investment

This week, we’re kicking off with the first financial wellness workout where I’ll give you bite sized activities so you can flex those finance muscles. This week’s activity: make your first investment (if you haven’t already).

In a recent study by Commonwealth, in which more than 800 first-time investors—primarily women of color—received funding to begin investing, they found that in less than a year of investing, 63% of participants agreed with the statement that “before I started investing, I thought it would be more difficult than it actually is.”

As a self-proclaimed “learn by doer,” I firmly believe in trying something even if you are intimidated or feel like you don’t know enough. Your negative mindset may be doing more harm than you realize.

Not sure how to get started? Aura will hold your hand through the process. Just download the app here and we will guide you through.

Behavioral Science Hack: Hacking Friction

What’s a hack to start saving more? Make it easier. No, really. People who created automated savings deposits saw their balances increase by an average of $217 per month compared to those who didn’t automate. That’s over $2,600 per year! All that savings just from clicking a few buttons to automatically set aside money when your paycheck comes in. The Financial Health Network has an excellent paper on this where you can learn more.


↗️ Eras Tour. Taylor Swift has reportedly entered her billionaire era with success of Eras Tour. Her net worth is now roughly $1.1 billion.

↗️ U.S GDP. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says US GDP is a ‘good strong number’, may keep bond yields higher.

↘️ Stocks. Dow falls for 3rd day while S&P 500, Nasdaq open higher.

↘️ Walgreens & CVS. Pharmacy staff from Walgreens and CVS say they’re at a breaking point with unreasonable demands placed on them and insufficient staffing or resources.


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