You cannot get what you want until you let go of what you don't want. Let's explore money-related beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from being your most authentic, abundant self.

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What is money coaching?

It's time to tell your money story. Our relationship with money impacts the rest of our life. Our money stories are written in early childhood. We receive confusing messages about what money is, who controls it, and what it means.

Money Coaches work with you to co-design healing strategies grounded in your values, goals, self and your unique needs.

Money Trauma
Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Build an Abundance Mindset



We’re often told we need to invest but no one tells us how much. In this session, you will gain insight into your current financial state and how to get on the right path. You will also learn how to stay on the path by optimizing your paycheck and learning how to save, spend and invest.


I graduated college with $130,000 in student debt. Instead of joining a start-up, I accepted a job at Goldman Sachs. I learned from the best investors in the business and built a portfolio to help me beat my student loan interest rate and get out of debt. Today, I’m debt free and living my dream as a founder. Do you want to take control of your spending and learn how to invest for your dream life? Let’s chat!


We all have a money story. It is written for us through our direct and indirect experiences with money in our homes, with our family members and communities, and with society at large. In order to take control of our relationship with money, we must first learn to examine our stories objectively and without judgment.


Throughout our lives, we hear our parents and people around us talk about, struggle with, fight, and even worship money.

How we internalize these messages deeply affects our personal and professional choices and relationships.

We’ll work together to identify the source of your inherited beliefs and let go of money narratives that no longer serve you.


When we're not intentional about our finance, we default to a scarcity mindset.

We don't know what we need, we just assume that there is never enough and we always need more.

In this final session, we will identify proactive tools and behaviors to help you dream, design, and finance your best, rich life and unlock financial freedom on your terms.

I did everything right, then it all went wrong and I’ve never been happier.

I went to law school, married my college sweetheart (a wealth advisor), and had a prestigious career as an attorney and political advisor in DC. I never worried about my money.

At 30 years old, I got divorced, lost my job, and moved to Australia. I had to figure out how to be financially independent on my own terms. Money coaching helped me uncover my limiting beliefs, confront core money memories from my past, and take control of my own money story. Today, I’m a coach, a co-founder, and the proud co-parent of my potcake (dog), Panda-Bear. If you are ready to design and finance your best, rich life, let’s chat!


About Our Coaches

Kelsey Willock

Co-Founder & CEO

San Francisco, CA

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Co-Founder & CEO

Freeport, Grand Bahama