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Learn all about:

  • Why we’re all weird about money
  • Investing basics like stocks, bonds and index funds
  • Make your first investment (yes, you can start with $1)

Investing can be both logical and emotional.

We’ll share investment best practices and help you navigate your emotions around money. We’ll even help you make your first investment during the call, so you can start seeing results right away.

Why invest with Aura?

Aura builds you a personalized portfolio, unlike one-size-fits-all apps
Invest like the wealthy starting from $1 with “direct indexing”
Transparent pricing to optimize returns, not reduce them
Successful investing requires both knowledge and financial well-being

What people are saying about Aura

“As an artist self-managing my investments and retirement accounts, I am always curious if I’m doing the right thing. Aura’s Investment 101 Workshop was super clear and helpful. They made the possibility of really growing my money seem fun, easy and stress-free.”

-Traci Green

This testimonial is from an Aura Finance client and was unpaid. This testimonial may not represent all interactions or relationships with Aura Finance.


Aura is a mindful money management platform. You can think of us as your wealth manager meets money coach on a mission to heal your relationship with money so you can stress less and live your version of a rich life. We help you manage and invest your money, align your investments with your values, and achieve your financial goals through our direct indexing strategy.

We’ll help you make your first investment during the workshop, so you’ll need to link your bank in order to fund your Aura account. Aura uses Plaid to link your bank account securely.

When you connect your bank account to Aura through Plaid, Plaid uses bank-level encryption to safely and securely transmit your financial data to Aura. This means that Aura never directly accesses or stores your bank information, keeping it secure and private.

Aura offers direct indexing, a best-in-class investment stratgey typically only available to investors with six-figure minimums. Through direct indexing, we allow you to align your investments with your values using our customizable ESG (environmental, social and governance) filters.

Aura partners with Atomic, a technology company that specializes in application programming interfaces (“APIs”), which allows us to securely offer investing capabilities. For managing funds, Atomic partners with a Pershing, a global clearing house owned by the Bank of New York Mellon, the world’s largest custodian bank with more than $40 trillion under custody.

Yes! After you swipe on the agreements page, we’ll make your first initial investment. We’ll make a “call” to your bank account via Plaid to ensure that you have sufficient funds to compete the transaction.

We use Atomic to direct purchases of specific holdings to build your risk-adjusted, values-based portfolio in accordance with your preferences. Your portfolio will be regularly rebalanced to ensure it is always designed to help you achieve your goals on your timeline. If you’ve set up a recurring monthly investment, we’ll repeat the call and invest process every month.

Sure, you could definitely invest on your own. Consistently buying and holding passive investments like index funds can be a great strategy to help you grow wealth.

With Aura, you get access to direct indexing, an investment strategy that’s typically only available to investors with six-figure minimums, which offers more customization, better tax efficiency and broader exposure (which can mean less risk) than other investment strategies.

And unlike other “one-size-fits-all” Robo-Advisors, Aura was designed to be an accountability partner to support you as you make real money moves on your unique journey to building wealth while helping you develop a better relationship with money along the way.

We know investing can be scary, we’re here to lend a hand and help you get started.