Community Guidelines


Welcome to the Aura community! We’re so glad you’re here to help break the taboo on talking about money. This community is all about fostering growth, learning, and empowerment when it comes to finances. Here are some essential guidelines to ensure we maintain an environment that’s welcoming, supportive, and serious about personal and financial growth:

1. Be Respectful

Don’t make fun of others for asking questions – we’re all here to learn.

2. Be Mindful

Aura provides financial education and support, but only your personal CFP can provide personalized investment advice. Please do not consider any information in our community as personalized investment advice. Always consult professionals before making important financial decisions.

3. Be Thoughtful

We take privacy seriously at Aura. Please do not post any personal financial details about yourself or anyone else. Let’s keep the focus on the learning experience and mutual growth.

4. Don’t Discriminate

Don’t Discriminate: Our community thrives on inclusivity and respect. Discriminatory language or behavior, including hatred, bigotry, racism, or disrespectful commentary, has no place here.

5. Be Supportive

We celebrate victories, big and small, as well as offer support during challenges. Let’s lift each other up, share knowledge, and grow together. Your journey matters to us!

6. Respect the Container

We’re breaking barriers by discussing money openly, which can be quite vulnerable. Let’s work together to create a safe and caring space for these conversations. Hold space for others and protect the container of trust we’re building.


By embracing these guidelines, you become an integral part of our supportive and caring community. Remember, your voice and experiences matter, and we’re excited to learn and grow with you. Thank you for being part of the Aura family!

The Aura Team